About Max Turner

Max Lamar Turner (June 28, 1925 – December 15, 2019) was unique among artists, for he was equally adept at drawing, painting, sculpture, and inspiring other creative individuals to be their best. Humble, supportive and kind, Max rarely spoke about himself or his own work. "Enough about me," he would often say. "How are you?  What have you been working on?"

Max's skill and knowledge of anatomy was second to none, and for this reason his drawings are of particular value to art students. For those wishing to learn how to sculpt, his terracotta statues, each done from live models in under three hours, are worthy of careful study. In all of his work, Max did not copy his models but used them only for reference—a starting point—for his superb compositions. He frequently changed the poses, adding hair and background elements, and generally made each of his completed works more robust and dynamic than the original. Regardless of which medium he used, each of his pieces is distinctly his own, easily identifiable as a work of Max Turner.

It is hoped that these examples of Max's art will help inspire your own artistic endeavors. He would have wanted it that way.

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